My Bum Wrap saves me! I have a persistent muscle knot in my hip, and just a few minutes with the Bum Wrap makes a huge difference! I love the heat feature--it is a great all around tool for an old lady's aches and pains. It is such a simple solution and improves my life immensely!

"Had been struggling with lower back pain that seemed to be affecting one side and into the back of my leg, got this and tried it out...definitely helped when I made time to do it daily! I'd recommend getting a yoga mat and using the bum wrap on a hard floor. (carpet doesn't seem to work as well). Heat from the pouch is nice and lasts long enough to get through a Netflix show =) Make sure to read the instruction first and hopefully it can help you too."

Ok I had an opportunity to try this product and it was amazingly helpful and easy to target my hot spot. I recommend it! Great gift idea for the athlete and stretching ergonomically aware person who is sitting all day!
Allison A.

"I bought a Bum Wrap even before it was available on Amazon. I have suffered with hip pain and sciatica off and on for years. I have tried many products and exercises and nothing has helped as much as the Bum Wrap. It is so good to know there is something available that can offer me substantial relief every time I use it. I'm buying another for my daughter now! Love the name, too!"
Sandra R.

“The Bum Wrap is an incredible therapy tool for me. It relieves so much stress and tension in my lower back due to exercise. I use it on my hips to loosen them up as well. The pressure of the ball is the perfect amount to rid your body of tightness and soreness. Lying on the heated clay insert gets my muscles relaxed and ready to loosen. Sometimes I just lay flat with the heat radiating in my back for awhile! It feels so good.
If had known about this product during my pregnancies, I would have saved so much time and money going to the chiropractor and physical therapist. I highly recommend the Bum Wrap to anyone suffering from back and hip tightness and pain.”

Sarah, Teacher

“It hits the right spots and is very stable.”

Shephard, DC

“This has real application for patients with gluteal/sciatica pain. I would carry these in my practice for patients to buy.”

Tyson, DO

“The Bum Wrap uniquely combines heat and compression.”

Amber, LMT and author of The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook

“As a sports massage therapist for many years, I’ve yet to find a product as effective as the Bum Wrap on hip issues.”

Brandon, LMT

“So easy to use and so effective!”

Terri, LMT, RN

"I love the bum wrap!! I have been in severe pain for 15 months. Medically ruled out various causes and the pain is due to sciatica related and muscle stuff. The bum wrap has helped significantly. I began seeing a massage therapist, plus doing more stretches. It is the work on the trigger points that makes all the difference and has truly reduced my pain level. And the bum wrap is the tool I use daily in between my therapy appointments. It is easy to use. Watch the video and read the instructions -- and follow the instructions!!--- to get the greatest benefit, in particular reduction and elimination of pain."

Bonnie, Happy Customer

“I think the Bum Wrap is fantastic. It makes a big difference on my sciatica. It definitely increases my quality of life!”

Betsy, Quilt Artist

“I’m way more aware of the layers of my muscles. A lot of treatments just treat the top part. I need a lot more help to treat my problems. This is Serious Home Treatment!!!”

Grace, Engineer