What exactly is a Trigger Point?

A trigger point is not a muscle spasm. A muscle spasm is an increase in muscle tension which shortens a muscle.  A trigger point is a very small portion of a muscle that becomes tense. Muscle spasms can be released quickly, whereas a trigger point takes some repeated pressure to release the tension. When a trigger point is active, it can refer pain to other areas of the body.  An example is Piriformis Syndrome.  This is a condition that occurs when a tight Piriformis muscle puts pressure on the sciatic nerve causing sciatica type pain … pain that can radiate down the entire leg to the ankle.



Trigger Point Therapy is a technique for relieving pain by finding the source of the pain, then applying repeated sessions of direct pressure. The Bum Wrap offers a self care tool that uses heat for relaxation and circulation and therapy balls for direct pressure on the trigger points.